I got paint on my clothing. Will it wash out?

Yes! We recommend stain treating the dark colors, like black, but paints should come out with standard washing.

Are the paints safe for my child?

Yes! Our paints and glazes are non-toxic.

Can I bring my own food and drink to the studio?

Yes! You are always welcome to bring food and beverages to enjoy. Please keep in mind that food and pottery don’t mix, though, so you will want to wash your hands after eating and before painting.

How long does it take to get my finished piece?

Items painted in the studio will be available one week from the date of painting, after 3 PM. Pieces will be under the name you provide us at check out. Different timing applies for field trips/large parties and will be discussed at time of booking.

Why does my piece need a re-fire? Or why did I get a replacement piece?

When working with ceramics, there are a small percentage of pieces that may crack in the kiln or exhibit a number of other defects. Items that can be fixed will be re-fired and you will be notified of a late pick up. Items that cannot be fixed will be replaced with an item of equal value. You are welcome to paint your replacement piece at any time that is convenient for you, and there is of course no charge! Unfortunately, this is just part of working with hand created work that cannot be avoided.

Can I eat/drink from my piece?

Yes! Once the piece has been glazed and fired it is completely food safe. We recommend hand washing to preserve the longevity of your piece.